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  • 唇部缺乏汗腺及皮脂腺,水分蒸发是脸部其它部位的6倍,且比起身体其它部位角质层薄,代谢时间短,更容易出现脱皮、干裂的状况。无论有没有使用唇膏,都应该使用适合自己唇部状况和需要的护唇产品,不让美丽与健康 "掉漆"。

  • Lack of sweat glands and sebaceous lips, evaporation is 6 times to other parts of the face and other parts of the body than a thin cuticle, metabolic short time, more prone to peeling, dry conditions. With or without the use of lipstick, lip should be used for their own situation and needs of lip products, not beautiful and healthy "paint chips."


  • 即使不断地喝水,不断地涂抹唇膏,可是结果远没有想象中完美,唇纹感觉越来越多,唇周也在松弛,整个唇部暗淡无光泽对干燥空气尤其敏感。想保持唇的丰润饱满,简单的补水擦护唇膏当然不够,做好周期密集保养同样重要。

  • Even constantly drink water constantly smearing lipstick, but the result is far from perfect imagination, feeling more and more lip, lip week are loose, the entire lip dull dull, dry air, especially on sensitive. Want to maintain rich, full lips, rubbing moisturizing lip balm simply not enough of course, good cycle intensive care is equally important.


  • 想要光彩照人,又要更多呵护?GlamKiss魅吻专业护唇系列滋养肌肤同时缔造更多光彩,崇尚健康、自然的美学态度.无须华丽盛妆,唇齿间不露痕迹的润泽色彩,素净、优雅,回归真我本质。

  • Want brilliant, but also more care? GlamKiss Charm Kiss Lip series of professional and nourish the skin while creating more brilliance, advocating healthy, natural aesthetic attitude. Hua Lisheng without makeup, without a trace of moisture Chunchi Jian colors, sober, elegant and return to my true nature.


  • 护唇应该是全面的,因为双唇对抗环境侵扰的耐力是整个身体肌肤中最弱、最容易"衰老"的,大多数人只知道唇部需要滋润,却忽视了唇部同样需要专业的防护与清洁。

  • Lip should be comprehensive, because lips against environmental intrusion endurance is the weakest of the skin throughout the body, most likely, "aging", most people only know the lips need moisture, but they ignore the lips also need specialized protection and clean.